The Breakfast Club

There is fear and worry in the Fairy world.  Innocent Fae are disappearing without a trace!   No one can seem to figure out what is going on, let alone why.  The captured Fae languish in their glass prisons with nothing to do but wait.....

Yet the Fae are undaunted, each full of scheming for the moment they are free. The Mason is bound to release at least one of them – if they play nice, maybe? But as playing nice has never been their strong suit, it might take a while.
Pook is angry. Her message is quite clear as she takes a position of greatest authority. She is going to tell The Mason what to do, and surely he will do it. He must!
Toni is bored, and after several costume changes, dances and acrobatics, finds she is still no closer to escape and gives up, pouting. She amuses herself by singing silly songs, which usually inspires her in magical ways … and so she carries on, despite the feeling that all hope is lost.
Toad is hysterical! How many faces can a Fae make before The Mason gets the message? How many times must she throw herself at the glass, sliding down its sides to puddle up in a heap at the bottom? This will not do at all. There must be a way to make The Mason respond to her. There must!
Anarchy is solemn as he simmers, his dark thoughts clouding the very air inside his prison. He knows that The Mason must have some very deep issues, and he vows to discover what they are in order to better exploit them.


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