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Pook Fae

Pook Fae

Watercolour, pencil and ink.

  All original artwork is available in 11 x 14 offset print on Gallery art 120 lb cover. Original artwork prints are signed by Tamara Annis and ready to be collected and framed.

  All artwork is available on 5" x 7" greeting cards.  The cards come with the title of the piece and the associated story or poetry penned by Astrid Young (if applicable) on the back of the card.

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Pook Fae takes no prisoners, but she will tell you exactly what needs to be done. She’s got stars in her eyes, in her hair, on her arms and legs, and she strobes like a neon light when she dances. Other Fae flock to her when she calls, as they know she is leading the charge to someplace magical – whether it’s a pop-up dance by the riverside under the shade of the old willow tree, or for a rousing game of hide and seek with the squirrels, who are always dazzled by her brightness. Like the pied piper, every step on her journey is about adventure and blazing new trails. You’ll find her easily if you look at the front of the crowd: there she’ll be, pointing the way down roads never, if ever travelled.


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