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Oscar's Emporium

The Mason

The Mason

Watercolour, pencil and ink.

  All original artwork is available in 11 x 14 offset print on Gallery art 120 lb cover. Original artwork prints are signed by Tamara Annis and ready to be collected and framed.

  All artwork is available on 5" x 7" greeting cards.  The cards come with the title of the piece and the associated story or poetry penned by Astrid Young (if applicable) on the back of the card.

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The Mason is their evil, cruel captor: a looming and ominous human thing that has imprisoned them in glass jars they can neither escape, nor find comfort in. The Fae were taken from the foot of the old willow tree where they lay sleeping on a breezy summer afternoon, each picked up by their very wings and plopped into a glass oubliette before they had time to escape. How they wailed, cursed and cried, but The Mason seemed not to feel anything at all for their plight – only turning the jars this way and that, peering in at their antics with his big, horrible, gigantic eyes and a toothy grin full of metal that they were sure was especially well suited for chewing things up.

The thing is, if the fairies put aside their own fear based judgement and ceased their antics, they would soon come to realize that the Mason is but a curious, playful and loving little boy.
Yet the Fae are undaunted, each full of scheming for the moment they are free. The Mason is bound to release at least one of them – if they play nice, maybe? But as playing nice has never been their strong suit, it might take a while.


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