Southmore Shore

In the valley that’s called Southmore Shore, down by the river and just south of the hemp fields, live a small variety of creatures. Content to live in harmony with each other and surrounded by nature, they are the protectors of the woods and all its ecosystems. Living without prejudice, they enjoy firefly-lit evenings, dancing and singing karaoke with blissful abandon, bathing in starlight and swimming in sunshine, just outside of human perception. Don’t look too closely, because you won’t see them! If you really want to catch glimpse, cast your eyes on the land all around, relax and sing a song – you’ll find they will slowly start to appear in your peripheral vision, disappearing just as quickly if you turn your awareness toward them. Their evidence is everywhere, and grown-ups find it easy to explain away what they leave behind … tiny shoes, wands and lipsticks are most often what you’ll find, but if you leave their things where they lie, they are always sure to return. You can bait them with wine and sometimes with sweets, but the surest way to bring them is with music and laughter. These creatures, after all, can’t ever resist a good song and dance!

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