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The Beauty Spot Pure Arctic Mineral Salt

The Beauty Spot Pure Arctic Mineral Salt


Available in three aromas!

Head Throb


Basic Bliss

Dating back over 400 million years, these unusual pink quartz like deposits are mined nearly 3,000 feet below ground in Canada’s far north! These salts offer regenerative properties to our skin containing 13 of the 19 essential minerals required by your body. Loaded with essential oils designed for specific purposes.

Base Elements: Sodium Chloride - astringent effect, assists immune system; Potassium - antibacterial, improves oxidization/balances moisture; Magnesium - natural skin toner/helps nervous system/cell rejuvenation; Calcium - assists cell restructuring/moisture retention Mineral Elements: zinc, copper, chromium, cobalt, nickel, vanadium, molybendum, manganese, and iron.

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