Our Golden Rules

Oscar's Emporium creates and promotes thoughtful products, a positive lifestyle and conscious living. By simply making one less unhealthy choice for yourself, you will make one less unhealthy choice for the environment. That's how you start a movement towards conscious awareness.

Believe in things you cannot see.
Promote peace and tolerance. Live and Let live and mind your own business. Embrace the differences between us and you may learn something new.
Be kind to all Earth's beings. In the words of The King: Don’t be cruel!
Plant something. It grows, it changes, it inspires, it educates, and it is good for the planet... like we should be.
Slow down and don’t murder time. Being stuck at 6 o'clock forever can drive you Mad like the Hatter!
Appreciate. Value yourself, your people, what you have and all the beauty in this world.
Be your truest Self. Require this mindset from the company you keep. It may leave a few empty chairs at your tea party but how else will you move around the table as the things get used up?
Wear hats! Many hats! Top Hats in particular.
Do anything and everything you can to help SAVE THE BEES!!!
Love Mother Earth. No matter where you think you come from or where you think you are headed, please leave Mother Earth and ALL her beings better off for having shared her planet.