Welcome to Oscar's Emporium, a magical world of art, beauty and tea, where the possibilities are endless. Be captivated by the original Artistry of Tamara Annis, capturing fleeting moments that are easily missed by those who live too fast. Nourish your skin with The Beauty Spot premium quality all natural skin care, and wrap your senses in delightfully flavourful aromatic EcoCert Teas. A Canadian company with boutique charm, step inside and meet the lead daydreamer, fascinating folks, and friends of the fae.



We're on a Mission!

Oscar's Emporium creates and promotes thoughtful products, a positive lifestyle and conscious living. By simply making one less unhealthy choice for yourself, you will make one less unhealthy choice for the environment. That's how you start a movement towards conscious awareness. Our Golden Rules...


Photography by John Major @ www.johnmajorphotography.com